Books on Writing

There are a lot of books on writing. A lot! I’ve bought quite a few in my time, but not all of them have been particularly useful. I’ll list a few of the more helpful ones here.

I know, I know. This doesn’t bode well for my writing does it? Surprisingly I found this to be a good book, one of the few I read all the way through. I bought the Kindle version (love the Kindle). Recommended.

An excellent resource that I’ve heard a lot of other writers mention in podcasts etc. Part discussion on the craft of writing, part auto-biography it is inspiring reading, especially for speculative fiction authors. Highly recommended.

A directory for writers, containing details of:

    • writing markets
    • publishers
    • agents
    • publishing services
    • writers’ services (editors, manuscript appraisers, etc)
    • industry organisations
    • awards, competitions and grants
    • courses and events

It is a little academic when you’re just starting out, but worth looking at. It is good to get a feel for what kind of writing services are out there.