Keep in mind that I haven’t been published in print, so my knowledge of the publishing world is somewhat theoretical. Having said that, within Australia I have found that the following publishers seem to have a speculative fiction focus. I’m sure there are many others, that I’ll add as I come across them.

Big Australian Publishers

One of the larger publishers in Australia specialising in speculative fiction. The Voyager Online site has a forum for sharing writing etc. The speculative fiction arm of Harper Collins.

The local Australian publisher that is part of Orbit internationally.

The digital only imprint for Pan Macmillan Australia. They have been very active in the Australian speculative fiction space.

Another one of the big publishers. Speculative fiction is included, but not a focus.

Big publisher but again without a speculative fiction focus.

Last of the big publishers.

Small Australian Publishers

Small Australian speculative fiction publisher. Owned by Keith Stevenson (see Terra Incognita on Podcast page)

Alisa Krasnostein (listed as a presenter in several podcasts I listen to) is the editor and publisher at this small, Australian speculative fiction publishing house.

I am subscribed to the Twelfth Planet Press set of publications – the Twelve Planets. Made up of 12 boutique collections of stories by Australian writers, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the first four books. Keep an eye on my What is Mark reading page to see my thoughts as the books arrive.

Another smaller Australian publisher focusing on anthologies.

Small Australian independent speculative fiction publisher.

The editor (Tehani Wessely) posted an excellent summary of a series of posts she organised talking about independent publishing in Australia. Well worth a look if you’re interested in the publishing scene within Australia.