All About Mark

Mark is a part time writer and full time Servant of the Public. His mid life crisis took the form of writing speculative fiction at a very slow pace. While sceptical of the results, his wife maintains that it was probably a reasonable course of action considering (1) the relative low cost of the exercise and (b) the cliched alternatives.

Mark lives in the inner west of Sydney Australia with his long suffering wife (K) and two children (M and A).

I’ve split the remainder of this page into a couple of sub-pages:

  • What is Mark Reading? – where I am currently reviewing the books and magazines that I’m reading (the books reviews are also going on Goodreads).
  • What is Mark Watching? – same as above, but for any TV/movies that catch my fancy.
  • FAQ – a currently under-populated section where I can answer any frequently asked questions people send through.