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In my ongoing quest to learn more about the speculative fiction community in general and writing and publishing in particular, I’ve pestered the person who has edited most of my published work (Ion “Nuke” Newcombe at Antipodean SF) with a lot of questions. He has always been very generous with his time and allowed me to participate in various aspects of his publication (chiefly lending my voice to some narration and contributing a non-fiction article).

My latest endeavour in a similar space has been working on an ePub edition of Antipodean SF. Included in each edition is the ten stories from the website that month, that month’s movie and/or book reviews as well as any editorial content from Nuke.

I’m pleased to say that the first edition is now available at the Antipodean SF eReader page, or at the download site for the AntiSF radio show.

It’s been a very interesting experience. I use the Scrivener product for most of my writing, so I have used it to create the ePub version of the website. I know Nuke is always interested in feedback, and I would love to hear from anyone with suggestions on how to improve the publication.

As I publish this post, I’m putting the finishing touches on next month’s edition (May 2012 – Issue 167). Lots of learning going on!


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