SQ Mag – Edition 1 (March 2012) – review

I recently came across the first edition of SQ Mag, an online magazine specialising in international speculative fiction. It is published out of Melbourne by IFWG Publishing and edited by Sophie Yorkston (Editor In Chief) and Gerry Huntman (Publisher and Contributing Editor).

I really enjoyed the fact that this is a magazine focusing on publications from across the globe, although admittedly only English pieces. Each story is tagged with a flag indicating the “style” of English used (American English, UK English, Australian English etc). It will be published every couple of months, and is available in ePub and Kindle formats as well as HTML.

Rationalized by Larry Hodges (Sci-fi) outlined the tale of a group of people attempting to avoid the emotional sterilisation that the human race has imposed on itself. The writing is solid and for a story about lack of emotion, it packs an emotional punch.

Witness by Laura Haddock (Sci-fi) describes an unexpected scientific advance that gives the dead one last chance to have their say. I liked the protagonist and thought the ending was strong.

No Free Parking at Journeys End by Louis Baum (Sci-fi) describes the dangers of being amongst the first to head out into interstellar space when relativity and the possibility of significant technological advance combine.

Also in this edition:

  • Nullus by Michael Edgeworth (Horror)
  • Toxic Sludge by Tom Ribas and Lee Lackey (Fantasy)
  • Book Review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (Mysti Parker, reviewer)
  • Neighborhood Watch by Jennifer Solomon (Horror)
  • Serial Fiction: Avoiding The Searchers Part 1 by MF Burbaugh
  • Bone Park (Windscreams) by Bruce Memblatt (Horror)
  • Navigator by Shane Ward (Sci-fi)

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