Speculative star spotting in Sydney

I love living in Sydney. I took my little girl (M) to swimming lessons this morning, as we do every Saturday, and saw Australian author Margo Lanagan doing laps. In true Australian fashion I of course took the “she doesn’t want to get bothered at the pool” course of action and left her entirely alone, although we did exchange a smile over the antics of my little girl, who wasn’t being the world’s most attentive student.

It did afford me the chance to have a chat with my daughter about how people can write for a living, so I didn’t completely waste the opportunity. M is at the tracing letters stage of learning to write, and she seemed very impressed with the concept that Ms Lanagan had a) mastered that tricky art and b) used it to make her living telling stories.

M then proceeded to tell me a story about her commercial brand tank engines and their adventures in the snow. Then we had an ice cream. All in all a good morning.

Author: mark

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