Outland – review

I caught the first episode of the new Australian series Outland¬†on the ABC during the week. I’ve been hearing a bit about it in various podcasts and websites for a little while now, so I was keen to check it out.

The premise is that a small group of gay science fiction fans split off from their local club after a somewhat dramatic sounding confrontation (which happens off camera but apparently involved setting someone accidentally on fire, amongst other things). At the same time Max, who has missed the meeting to go on a date, is desperately trying to hide his science fiction shame from his date, Dylan.

Dylan comes up to Max’s apartment for coffee just as the ejected members of the club converge on it to have a showing of a rare 1960s show.

I normally take a few episodes to get into a show, but this was absolutely hilarious from the word go. Minor references to science fiction lore and trivia pepper the show. The characters are funny, the dialog smart and the acting excellent. I usually comment on TV shows in series blocks and I will write a better review once the series is finished, but I wanted to post on this show early on so that if anyone is reading and is a fan of science fiction, they start watching sooner rather than later.

For Australian readers, the first episode is currently up on iView. It airs at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights on ABC1, or 10:30 Thursday on ABC2.

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