Analog – November 2011 – review

With Unclean Hands by Adam-Troy Castro was an interesting novella about cultural misunderstanding between alien species. The main character, Andrea Cort, has apparently appeared in previous Analog published stories that I haven’t read, although this story comes first chronologically. I enjoyed the writing, but there was a lot of extra detail obviously designed to give some more back story for the Andrea Cort character for people that have read and enjoyed the previous stories.

I also enjoyed Chumbolone by Bill Johnson, a story about a West Wing style political operatives having to make some odd deals with some strange characters in order to get his candidate over the line. I liked the premise and the reference to Babbage’s Analytical Engine was a fun aside (a friend did his honours thesis on Babbage’s Analytical Engine, so I always enjoy a reference).

The Boneless One by Alex Nevala-Lee was well written and frankly a little disturbing. I won’t say too much, but it’s a good little mystery with some horror themes.

Other stories in this edition included:

  • Dig Site by Jack McDevitt
  • The Buddy System by Don D’Ammassa
  • Rocket Science by Jerry Oltion
  • Ian, Isaac and John by Paul Levinson

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