Analog – October 2011 – review

I enjoyed the last part of the serial Energized by Edward M. Lerner (part 4 of 4). As I mentioned in my post on last month’s edition, this was a story set in an oil-deprived future which had some interesting exploration of alternative technologies. The last part was a pretty much all action/resolution, but I was happy with how it was all concluded. It did bring together several strands from earlier parts (including some stuff that seemed a little superfluous at the time).

I also enjoyed reading Of Night by Janet Catherine Johnston, a science fiction ghost story. The writing was good and I find myself getting into stories of near future space exploration of late, so this one appealed to me. Besides it is nearly Halloween – we should all read a scary story or two.

The Lycanthropic Principle by Carl Frederick explored some interesting notions of where use of the internet and the blurring of your online identity with your personal identity might go in the future. It was an intriguing short story.

Also in this month’s edition was:

  • The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project by Brad R. Torgersen
  • The Last of Lust by Jerry Oltion
  • The Sock Problem by Alastair Mayer


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