“Indistinguishable from Science” in Antipodean SF #293

Front cover Antipodean SF issue 293

If any of my longer term readers are still looking at this website (I know, it has been literally years since my last post!), you might recall that I have published some flash fiction pieces with Antipodean SF.

Recently, the editor Ion “Nuke” Newcombe put out the call for stories for the 25 year anniversary edition of Antipodean SF (you read that right – 25 years!) and I submitted a story. And low and behold, it was accepted.

The story is called “Indistinguishable from Science”. A very short piece, which came from the thought that most science fiction postulates science that might as well be magic (artificial gravity, faster than light travel etc). So why not make it magic?

I’ve also always been interested in thinking about what role magic would have in a technologically advanced civilisation.

Issue 293 came out in February 2023, but you can still read it in the archive or by going to the page with the eBook version.

After a few years where writing had to take a back seat to life, I’m just starting to dip my toe back in the water. Hopefully this won’t be the last post you see on this poor, deserted website!

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