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Long suffering readers of this sparsely populated blog will recall that I’m a big fan of Tansy Rayner Roberts’ work. I’m one of her many Patreon subscribers, and it is a monthly investment that more than pays for itself in good reading and listening time.

Tansy posted an update today talking about some upcoming special offers for Patreon subscribers, including audio books and paperbacks. I’m excited about the upcoming work (especially looking forward to the next in the Teacup Islands series – The Frost Fair Affair). If you enjoy Tansy’s work then this seems like an excellent time to get involved with supporting her Patreon.

Of course, in these difficult times not everyone has cash to spend, but if so why not support your favourite author or content creator through other means? Signal boosting, watching content to increase viewing numbers and word of mouth all can play a great role in giving your favourite author the visibility they need to get their work out there.

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