Antipodean SF Issue 261

Antipodean SF issue 261 is available now. I support Antipodean SF by producing the eBook edition of each month’s publication.

Issue 261 includes 11 flash fiction pieces. I like all the stories each month of course, but this month’s favourite was In the Beginning by Emma Riley. Universes as a result of pimple popping took the cake!

A Tale of Tyl Feánn: In which a child is conceived by steve duffy

Imagining Dragons by Bart Meehan

In the Beginning by Emma Riley

Speck by Simon B. Pointer

The Night Depression Came to Life by Zebuline Carter

Dear Friends by Ben F. Blitzer

Relief Efforts by Dmitri Christopher

The Third Law of HAVOC by David Kernot

Conversation in a Utopian Future by Denice Penrose

The Ghostship by Maree Collie

The Door Into Last Night by Hassac Naminov – Translated by Toshiya Kamei

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