Jason Nahrung’s Aussie Vampire Duology

One of my favourite authors, Australian horror stalwart Jason Nahrung, has just released his Aussie vampire duology through Clan Destine Press. The covers look fantastic (and each is linked to its respective book’s sale point at Clan Destine).Blood and DustThe Big Smoke

Long time blog readers might recall my review of the first volume¬†Blood and Dust from when it made its eBook-only debut a couple of years back. I’ve been waiting for the sequel ever since, and was especially excited when I found out that Clan Destine Press had not only taken up the second book,¬†The Big Smoke, but also were republishing¬†Blood and Dust as both an eBook and paperback.

I don’t normally do straight advertising for books, but I do love Jason’s work. If you have any tendency towards horror whatsoever, do yourself a favour and buy copies immediately. You can thank me by singing sweet praises to my name to seven passing strangers over the next 23 days. Or, you know, leave a comment below if you can’t think of enough superlatives that rhyme with ‘Mark’.

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