Wizard Undercover by K. E. Mills – review

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Wizard Undercover

Wizard Undercover is the fourth book in the Rogue Agent series by K. E. Mills. You can read my review of the first book in the series, The Accidental Sorcererhere,  my review of the second book, Witches Incorporated, here. and my review of the third book, Wizard Squared, here. Those reviews cover a lot of my general thoughts on the world building and general background, so I’ll keep this review shorter and focused on the plot of this  book.

In Wizard Undercover, Gerald and his friends are sent in undercover to a royal wedding in another country to uncover a plot to sabotage the event and cause international strife.

This book brought together a lot of the strengths of the first few books. The plot is fun and engaging, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader interested. It is more of a straight out spy story, and is better for it.

While there is still an element of Gerald’s powers saving the day in an entirely unpredictable and convenient way, this is significantly de-emphasised compared to the previous books and indeed the smaller instances serve to advance other plot points.

In this book, Gerald’s inexperience as an agent is his biggest handicap. It is all very well bringing the biggest gun to the party, but if you don’t know who to shoot you are still rendered somewhat ineffective. Wizard Undercover treads that line much more adeptly than the last two books.

The character interactions felt more natural and polished as well, which adds to a richer reading experience.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book, and on the strength of it am eagerly awaiting any further instalments in the series.

Highly recommended.

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    1. Yes, I could definitely see that – it feels like a much more self contained work. A series that is really hitting its stride I think!


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