Feedburner – hopefully working again

For those few who have subscribed via email. I have been using Google’s FeedBurner email subscription service, which inexplicably stopped working about a month ago. For those that don’t subscribe via email:

  1. Why not? I mean, are these posts not interesting enough that you could stand getting the¬†occasional¬†email letting you know they exist? I’m hurt, hurt I tell you.
  2. You can ignore the rest of this post!

It turns out some of my anti-spam measures have been blocking the FeedBurner attempts to access my RSS feed. Project HoneyPot maintains a worldwide list of blacklisted IP addresses. For reasons that completely mystify me, Google shares IP addresses with external parties, some of whom are spammers. As a result, the FeedBurner IP address seem to frequently make its way onto the blacklisted IP address list, and FeedBurner stops working for those that have implemented anti-spam measures that utilises Project HoneyPot.

I have hopefully implemented the correct work around. If you subscribe via email, please let me know if you get this post (and come to the site and check out what you’ve missed over the last month).

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Author: mark

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2 thoughts on “Feedburner – hopefully working again”

  1. AAh, that explains it!
    I thought you were too busy to blog for a while… I should've come here and checked for myself. I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

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