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As outlined in a previous post, the Ditmars (Australia’s national speculative fiction awards) are open for nominations for works created in 2012. As well as relying on the excellent Ditmar eligibility wiki, I’ve been keeping track of posts by people I follow around the inter-web as they outline their Ditmar eligibility. If you want a bit more information on any of the authors, publishers and commentators listed below, click through for eligibility goodness (they are listed in the order I came across them). (1)

I’ll be updating this list as more information comes to hand, so be sure to return to the post that is all Ditmar all the time. If you know of any other Ditmar eligibility lists out there, comment below or send through an email with the details and I’ll add it to the list!

Also there are a lot of authors and other creators whose work I’ve enjoyed over the last year but who have not yet published an eligibility list on their blogs. I personally like it when people summarise their award eligibility. Hint, hint.


(1) inclusion on this list does not imply any endorsement by me. Hell, I haven’t read half the stuff listed above (too many good things out there for one person to get through in any given year). Just trying to keep track of who is posting about what. Think of this post as a community service.

(2) Simon Petrie has also posted a list of other lists related to the Ditmars, which includes a link to this list. As well as other lists. Which I think makes this a list of lists of posts, as well as a list of posts, to do with the Ditmars.

I’m not sure it can take another layer of recursion.

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    1. Thanks Simon. And for anyone reading, at the time of writing this comment Simon is giving away electronic copies of his excellent novella Flight 404. Go to his website for more details.

      Unless it is after Tuesday 5th March 2013 Australian time. In which case, as you were.


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