A Flash in the Pan? now available through Smashwords

I’ve recently put my flash fiction pieces together into one (very small) eBook mainly to have them in one place (and to try out the Smashwords process, which was very interesting in and of itself). I’ve called the collection A Flash in the Pan? and it is available through Smashwords. Just to remind you, the collection includes:

  • Beware Antipodean Shores (50 words)
  • Shipwrecked (500 words)
  • The Gloriously Cunning Plan (500 words)
  • Make Mine a Macchiato (500 words)
  • Striking Twice (500 words)
  • In the Service of the Public (500 words)
  • The Devil Wears Ugly Shapeless Garments Covered in Dog Hair (500 words)

I’ve also included a brief author’s note under each story just to give you a feel for what I was thinking when I was writing. It’s free, so if you missed any of my stories through the year (or just want to be able to enjoy them again and again!), feel free to go and download a copy in one of the myriad of formats that Smashwords supports.

I might write a separate post on the process of taking a manuscript on Scrivener and getting it published on Smashwords. It took me quite a few goes to get it right.

My thanks to “BluntChisel” who read and reviewed the collection within 12 hours of me publishing it! I’ve never met you BluntChisel, but seeing your review made my day.

Details of all my publications can be found at my bibliography.

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5 thoughts on “A Flash in the Pan? now available through Smashwords”

    1. Ouch – Asus it is!

      Thanks – more for me to keep a consolidated record of my stories than anything else, but hey – 38 people have downloaded it from Smashwords (although I suspect about 10 of those people were me) and at least one of them liked it enough to leave a review. I'm always happy when I find out that at least one other person enjoys my work!


  1. I'd be interested in the process of getting it from Scriviner to Ebook. I have downloaded ywriter by aussie author Simon Haynes (computer programmer as well) and that has a publish to ebook feature and from what I can tell is a simpler program than scrivener ( and free).

    1. Hi Sean

      Yes, Mr Haynes software all looks very good but is PC based, I work primarily on a Mac.

      The eBook generator from Scrivener isn't too bad once you get used to it – it produces a pretty good output. The issue with Smashwords is it only takes a "properly formatted" Word document as an input (and generates all the different types of files from that). Scrivener does a pretty good first pass at the Word document, but there were a lot of little issues that it took me quite some time to work through, especially for the ePub document Smashwords generated.

      Will write up a full account soon,


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