Bitter Seeds review – now at a podcast near you

Those that follow Antipodean SF will know that the editor, Nuke, also does a podcast where all the stories are read out, usually by the authors themselves.

The recent review I did of Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis was narrated by yours truly on the latest edition of the podcast. It kicks in at around the 44m mark.


Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis – review

Ion Newcombe, the editor of the excellent Antipodean SF website, recently asked me to review Bitter Seeds by Ian Tregillis. Like the good human being that I am, I immediately did so.

The review is now up in issue 177. Hope you enjoy it!

Note: a copy of the book was provided to me by Antipodean SF. It was free.


Update: I also narrated the review for the latest Antipodean SF podcast (edition 177), it kicks in at about the 44m mark.