Make Mine a Macchiato – AntiSF podcast

One of my latest stories, Make Mine a Macchiato, is now available in audio form on the Antipodean SF radio show episode 166 alpha.

Antipodean SF editor and radio show host Nuke starts giving some background on me at about the 2 minute mark, with the story itself starting at 3 minutes.

For a full list of my published stories, see my bibliography.

Antipodean SF Issue 162 – December 2011 – review

Issue 162 of Antipodean SF has the usual 10 stories, although Ion is only producing two radio episodes over December.

I enjoyed The Macroscope by Lou Caravelli – in my day job bureaucrats often react with similar admiration of process over content.

Raven by Suzanne J. WIllis had some strong imagery, and I liked the morphing of the raven from aggressor to protector.

The Sound by Brent Lillie was interestingly structured, with a series of quotes from people describing a single event – a sound heard all around the world at the same moment.

Also in this edition were:

  • Beep by Rachel Towns
  • Night Time by Michael Schaper
  • Solidarity by Des McNicholas
  • Love and Perpetual Motion by Bart Meehan
  • Two Wise Men by Martin Hill
  • Textual Relations by David Siegel Bernstein
  • Fugitive by Shaun A Saunders
  • Under the Big Top by Steve Duffy