Everything else

This page contains all the links that didn’t fit neatly into the first few categories. Most are speculative fiction based, but some just caught my fancy.

Social networking website for book readers. Members provide ratings and reviews of books, once you’ve reviewed 20 books it even starts giving you recommendations based on your preferences.

On the All About Mark part of this side, under the What is Mark Reading? section I put reviews of books/magazines I am reading. Any book reviews I also post on Goodreads. Why not check it out (and feel free to friend me in the process!).

Richard’s website is an excellent, free resource especially for those interested in fantasy world building. 145 pages long, it is just as comprehensive as many of the books on writing I’ve looked at since I started writing.

This is the software I use to write. It is pretty cheap and generally excellent. I tried a lot of different writing software over the first 12 months I was trying to write. This is the one the stuck. It works for me, can’t guarantee it will for others of course!

This is a blog by┬ámy brother (Phillip Webb) containing a whole bunch of material – some from his stand up comedy days, other stuff that he has written particularly for the blog. Not even vaguely speculative fiction related but worth looking at all the same. All extremely funny and some pieces that would count as flash fiction.