Dimension6 is a free speculative fiction magazine, produced by Coeur de Lion Publishing.

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Issue 14  (July 2018) – Latest Issue

Issue 14 features:

‘#WhiteWitch’ by Shauna O’Meara

Facing danger at the top of the world? You need #WhiteWitch.


‘All in Green’ by Adele Gardner

Rappo and Finn were joined in life like no-one else. But what if one should face death?


‘In The Nexsphere’ by Doug Bost

It’s the next big thing in tech. Maybe you should read the user manual first.


‘The Giant’s Servant’ by Trent Jamieson

Did you know giants come in all shapes and sizes?

Issue 13  (April 2018) – Collyer, Webb, Stephenson

(This issue contains a novella length story by yours truly – The Reclaimers!)

Issue 12  (October 2017) – Speller, Stephanus, Stephens

Issue 11  (July 2017) – Burrage, Petrie, Stephenson, Smith

Issue 10  (April 2017) – Davidson, Potts, Cormick

Issue 9  (October 2016) – Harland, Petrie, Charman

Issue 8  (July 2016) – Wesolowski, Szal, Cropley, Dyer

Issue 7  (March 2016) – Colyer, Suwak, Adams

Issue 6  (October 2015) – Fischer, Katz, Cameron

Issue 5  (July 2015) – Larner, McDonald, Lin

Issue 4  (March 2015) – White, McMahon, MacDibble

Issue 3  (October 2014) – Hood, Cameron, Sparks

Issue 2  (July 2014) – Strasser, Baxter, Stephenson

Issue 1 (April 2014) – Harland, Nash, Nahrung