Dimension6 is a free speculative fiction magazine, produced by Coeur de Lion Publishing.

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Issue 10  (April 2017) – Latest Issue

Issue 10 features:

‘The Other City’ by Rjurik Davidson
It was the time of life when everything falls apart. He had to get out of the city. But where would he end up?


‘Glide’ by Natalie J E Potts
There are lots of species of Australian fauna that want to kill you. We just found one more.


‘The Seven Voyages of Captain Cook’ by Craig Cormick
Cook was a Company man on a voyage of exploration. The son that accompanied him was dead. And wanted him dead too.

Issue 9  (October 2016) 

Issue 9 features:
The Plastinarium’ by Zoë Harland
Students of necromancy should really take more care…


All the Colours of the Tomato’ by Simon Petrie
Out among the stars we need to learn to see with different eyes.


The Widow in the Woods’ by Barry Charman
Jakob lost one family member to the widow. He would not lose another.

Issue 8  (July 2016)

Issue 4  (March 2015)

Issue 3  (October 2014)

Issue 2  (July 2014)

Issue 1 (April 2014)