OK, maybe “frequently” is a bit of an exaggeration. I was going to call this page “Questions I imagine people might ask frequently if they had ever heard of me” but QIIPMAFITHEHOM seemed like an excessive acronym.

Not much to see yet, I haven’t thought of many questions anyone would be interested in hearing answers to as yet. If you do have any, leave a comment below and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Reviewing process (Subtitle: no I don’t get a lot of free books)

Created January 17, 2013. Last modified January 17, 2013. 4 comments. Top.

I was asked recently where I sourced the books I review on this website. Do I get review copies from publishers/authors? How do I choose the books? In general, what is my reviewing process.


Writing process – getting started

Created October 1, 2011. Last modified November 21, 2011. 0 comments. Top.

A lot of people seem to ask writers about the process they use to write. My first piece of advice about the writing process would be to seek out the advice of people that have been published and are generally successful. For instance, Richard Harland has published a whole website on writing tips, any page of which is going to be more useful than anything I can tell you.


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