First story hits the airwaves

My first published story (Shipwrecked – published by the Antipodean SF website) has also been aired on the AntiSF radio show (with yours truly providing the voice “talent”). If you missed it on Nambucca Valley community radio station 2NVR, the podcast of the radio show (episode 163 alpha) is also available on the web.

Details of this and my other publications can be found on my bibliography page. Don’t get too excited – the list is distressingly brief so far.

Author: mark

A writer of speculative fiction and all round good egg. Well, mostly good. OK, sometimes good.

2 thoughts on “First story hits the airwaves”

    1. Thanks Jason – much appreciated. I've enjoyed getting to know more about what is happening in the Australian speculative fiction scene, there is some fantastic stuff out there.

      Yes, it has been exciting to get some work out there through Antipodean. It's good to know at least one other person (i.e. the editor) likes my work!


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