First publication available!

My first publication is now available on issue 163 of Antipodean SF, a flash fiction story called Shipwrecked. It is a short (500 word) piece I wrote while thinking about why humanity may not have been contacted by aliens (assuming pesky things like travelling faster than the speed of light could be overcome). I hope you enjoy it.

I also recorded a reading of Shipwrecked¬†for the AntiSF radio show, which will be broadcast some time in January. I’ll post again once I know exactly which episode.

Author: mark

A writer of speculative fiction and all round good egg. Well, mostly good. OK, sometimes good.

2 thoughts on “First publication available!”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Very exciting – thanks for considering my stories!

    I've updated the links on some of the older posts – I'd also encourage anyone who wants to see my latest writing efforts to have a look at my bibliography page.


  2. Couldn't get to Shipwrecked – kept getting a 404. Story line and length sound good though.

    In the service to the public has a certain appeal. I think it would make an excellent opener for the program.

    You can ask Ion, if you are interested. He shouldn't mind unless you wanted it to run on the Antipodean podcast first and then I can use the audio from that venue, depending on your wishes however.



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