Antipodean SF Issue 162 – December 2011 – review

Issue 162 of Antipodean SF has the usual 10 stories, although Ion is only producing two radio episodes over December.

I enjoyed The Macroscope by Lou Caravelli – in my day job bureaucrats often react with similar admiration of process over content.

Raven by Suzanne J. WIllis had some strong imagery, and I liked the morphing of the raven from aggressor to protector.

The Sound by Brent Lillie was interestingly structured, with a series of quotes from people describing a single event – a sound heard all around the world at the same moment.

Also in this edition were:

  • Beep by Rachel Towns
  • Night Time by Michael Schaper
  • Solidarity by Des McNicholas
  • Love and Perpetual Motion by Bart Meehan
  • Two Wise Men by Martin Hill
  • Textual Relations by David Siegel Bernstein
  • Fugitive by Shaun A Saunders
  • Under the Big Top by Steve Duffy

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