I come from a funny family

Or at least I think so – there is a high degree of probability that we may only be funny to other Webbs (I think I can hear at least one long time friend of the family yelling “Sing it to the mountain brother” at this point). But the funniest of all, king of the comedy hill, is my brother Phil.He has dabbled in a lot of different media and forums – from Triple J Raw Comedy finalist to a huge pile of funny stories, scripts and assorted bits and pieces.

His latest endeavour is two blogs.

http://justanotherfather.com/ is a blog about fatherhood and parenting in general. Very funny, with enough of a core of truth to be slightly disturbing at times.

http://beyondinteresting.com/ contains a whole bunch of material Рsome from his stand up comedy days, other stuff that he has written particularly for the blog.

It’s good stuff. Go and read it – you know you want to.


Author: mark

A writer of speculative fiction and all round good egg. Well, mostly good. OK, sometimes good.

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