AntipodeanSF Issue 262

Antipodean SF issue 262 is available now. I support Antipodean SF by producing the eBook edition of each month’s publication.

Issue 262 includes 13, count them 13, flash fiction pieces. Another crackerjack group of stories, but my favourite this month was Seaweed Sister by Louise Lannink. A beautiful story, with lovely use of language to convey a strong emotional resonance.

A Tale of Tyl Feánn: In which a step toward destiny is taken by steve duffy

Five Years by Roger Ley

In Matters of Movement by Zebuline Carter

Of Course Not by Colin L. Howe

Off With Her Weave by Andrew Dunn

Seaweed Sister by Louise Lannink

Sieze the Day by R.J. Sadler

Tea Brewing at the End of Humanity by François Verret

The Big Question by Tim Borella

The Comedian by Graham Clayton

The Darkland Crier by Ben F. Blitzer

The Oracle by Kevin J. Phyland

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