2014 Ditmar Eligibility Post Roundup

Last year I produced a roundup of all the Ditmar eligibility posts I could find.  The Ditmar awards are the Australian national awards for speculative fiction that are voted on by members of the speculative fiction community. The awards are usually attached to the National Convention, which is being held this year in Melbourne at Continuum X.

The nomination process for the 2014 Ditmars is open until 30th March, and can be found at this online form.

While there is a wiki site that contains a pretty comprehensive list of works that are eligible for the Ditmars, I also thought it would be useful to keep track of all the eligibility posts I read around the traps. Will keep adding in items as I come across them – feel free to suggest authors/posts in the comments below.

In no particular order (or rather, the order I happened to come across them):

I’m struggling to find other posts this year – seems to be less than normal. Perhaps people are relying on the Wiki to get the word out.


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6 thoughts on “2014 Ditmar Eligibility Post Roundup”

  1. I've got just one story that is eligible this year, 'Mouse' in Antipodean SF 181. I did a tweet about it. If even got nominated, I'm sure it would be a record for the shortest short story nomination ever.

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