Have you been keeping up with Galactic Chat?

Sean Wright has been interviewing up a storm lately on Galactic Chat, a podcast that I (too) occasionally help out with.

Since I last posted about Galactic Chat there have been a LOT of new episodes. Sean is an interviewing machine, there is no doubt about it. Interviews have included:

  • Episode 29: Narelle Harris (horror and romance writer) chats to Alex
  • Episode 30: Tansy Rayner Roberts (fantasy writer) chats to Sean
  • Episode 31: Tracey O’Hara (paranormal thriller writer) chats to Helen Stubbs
  • Episode 32: Stephen Ormsby chats to Sean about his new publishing venture, Satalyte Publishing
  • Episode 33: Sean Williams (New York Times best selling speculative fiction writer) chats to Sean
  • Episode 34: Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Filipino speculative fiction writer) chats to Sean
  • Episode 35: Julia Rios (fiction editor for Strange Horizons, host and producer of the Outer Alliance Podcast) chats to Sean
  • Episode 36: Devin Madson (self published author) chats to Sean

You’ll notice the heavy load that Sean is lifting. I’ve only done two interviews since the podcast was rebooted – both were excellent fun, but I’m going to have to pick up my game!

So, listen, subscribe, comment – the podcast is a ball to do and we’d love to have more audience participation!

If there is anyone in the Australian speculative fiction scene that you’d like to see us interview on Galactic Chat, leave a comment here or on the Galactic Chat website.

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