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I’ve recently updated the Podcast page on the website, with a writeup of the Shooting the Poo podcast, and adding the new Last Short Story podcast onto my “watch” list. The page is under the Links menu item on my website, where I summarise all the speculative fiction podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Author: mark

A writer of speculative fiction and all round good egg. Well, mostly good. OK, sometimes good.

3 thoughts on “Podcast listing update”

  1. I quite liked the Last Short Story Podcast and I hear that this is the way they will go switching from written reviews to podcasts.

    And STP has been exceptionally good/funny over the last two episodes.

    1. I'm very behind on my short story reading – when I saw the Last Short Story podcast was looking at the August edition of Asimov's I realised I'm still back in April! Some catch up reading before I can listen to that one.

      Yes, the Alien podcasts have been absolutely fantastic.


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