Flash Fiction Appearing on Beam Me Up Podcast/Radio Show

Hot on the heels of one of my flash fiction pieces being read out on the US based Beam Me Up podcast/radio show (see previous post), I’m pleased to say that the host of the show (Paul Cole) is going to feature some of my back catalogue of flash fiction pieces over the coming months.

The Beam Me Up podcast mixes science news with science fiction stories. I often look for story inspiration in what is going on currently in the scientific community – Beam Me Up is one of my sources of regular news.

As well as news, the Beam Me Up podcast also features a steady stream of speculative fiction. I particularly look forward to hearing some of the serial stories (The Dark Inspector series comes to mind) each month.

My full list of published stories (all flash fiction) with details of where to find them can be found on my bibliography page.

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