In the Service of the Public – now available

Apologies for the slow blogging week – I’ve been moving house and it has caused havoc with my writing schedule.

I’m pleased to announce that Antipodean SF has published one of my short stories – In the Service of the Public in issue 169 (July 2012). This story was inspired by one of the courses I went on last year to learn how to be a better public servant (unfortunately my course didn’t have quite as exciting a finish).

If you’re reading this post in the future:

  1. Where is my jetpack?
  2. The stories on Antipodean SF are archived after 1 month – I keep an up to date list of links on the bibliography page.
  3. No seriously. Give me my jetpack.

Antipodean SF is always looking for new stories and Nuke is great to work with. If you are a budding writer and want to try your hand at flash fiction (about 500 words – it’s harder than it sounds) then I’d really encourage you to go to the Antipodean SF website and check out their submission guidelines.


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