Analog – May 2012

Analog Science Fiction and Fact for May 2012.

May’s edition of Analog contained Part IV of Triggers by Robert J. SawyerTriggers worked on the premise that a small group of people, including the President of the United States, were caught in an accident where their memories were accidentally linked in a chain (Person A could access Person B’s memories, Person B could access Person C’s memories etc).

The story had an interesting premise, with several sub-plots to assist in holding the readers attentions (who shot the President? Would one of the characters escape an abusive relationship? etc). I enjoyed the writing and was following along with the story to the point where I was anticipating each instalment. However, I’ve got the say that part IV took the whole plot sideways. I didn’t really feel that the ending in any way fit with the setup of the story. So, excellent writing but a disappointing ending.

But It Won’t Set You Free by Tracy Canfield was a fun story where human’s are the “aliens” secretly running tests on a sentient species (including an unfortunate anatomical mixup that results in an anal probe situation).

Also in this issue:

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